TOP ALULIT - slévárna hliníku

Quality Management System

A Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO TS 16949:2009 has been implemented in the Top Alulit s.r.o. Company. Our Company's certification body is TÜV NORD. The foundry also has a certificate from DNV.GL, which recommends it as a supplier of castings for the shipbuilding industry.




Checking the chemical composition of the input material

A spectrometer is utilised for the evaluation of the chemical analysis and the material is also checked:



Flaw detection - checking the internal quality of castings

The Seifert DP 419 X-ray viewer is utilised for checking the internal soundness of the castings.



Dimensional inspection

The Zenith D008519 3D measuring workstation is utilised for the dimensional inspection.



Leak detection - pressure tests

Leak tests are implemented by means of a pressure test in accordance with the customer's requirements (the medium may be water or air). Helium leak tests are ensured by cooperation with an external entity.



Checking the casting process

The monitoring and the qualitative evaluation of the production process is implemented using the PROMOTIC monitoring system. This system enables monitoring the temperature of the melt, the temperature of the moulds, the solidification time, the casting time, the operating pressure, the quantity of the melt and the weight of the casting. All these values are archived.

The traceability of the individual operations and the name of the operator are ensured by the use of numeric codes and thereby a numeric code is assigned to each operator and to each operation. Based on the customer's request, it is possible to identify each product with a numeric code.



Another manner of checking the casting process is by implementing aluminium vacuum density measurement using the MARTECH-VTCM 0017 apparatus that detects the melt gassing index. The FDU MINIDEGASSER device is used for the degassing and the purification of the melt thereby enabling the melt to be modified, cleaned, inoculated and degassed.